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Leadership Roles

Mallika Saxena

Founder and President

Mallika Saxena is a freshman at UC Berkeley and has loved to read books since she was a young girl. She wants to share her love of books with other children, which is why she started Reading Round the Clock. Mallika is a pre-med student at Cal who is intending on being a double major in Psychology and Molecular & Cellular Biology(MCB). She is part of Asha for Education, which is a club dedicated to providing books to children in different schools across India. She also writes for the Berkeley Medical Journal and the main undergraduate journal called Eleven. In her free time, Mallika focuses on photography, which is her favorite hobby and is always open to try new things. She plans on continuing to run Reading Round the Clock from Cal as her goal is to help as many kids as possible. 

Leaders 2019-2020:


Lulu Barron

Head of Communications

Lulu Barron is a senior at San Francisco University High School. She is an active participant in Bridge the Gap, a nonprofit tutoring program in Marin City and enjoys working with others both inside and outside of the classroom. She has chosen to work with RRTC in order to promote reading and learning to the next generation. As an active reader, it is important to Lulu that others have the opportunity to expand their horizons through books. Lulu also participates in varsity soccer, runs track and field, yoga, and enjoys painting and drawing in her free time.

Christian Heng

Head of Technology

Christian Heng is a senior at San Francisco University High School who is an active participant in his community through basketball. He has volunteered with E-Hoops which is an organization where children with special needs play basketball together. This organization is dedicated to empowering children of all abilities and in every environment. He has also volunteered at Cameron House. He has chosen to be part of RRTC because he wants every child to have access to proper education and believes having access to good books to read is extremely important. Outside of school, Christian is one of the captains for the Boys Varsity Basketall team 2019-2020. During his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends and is always open to having a good time.

Max Solmssen

Head of Financial Planning

Max Solmssen is a senior at San Francisco University High School who has ben interested in the humanities his whole life. He has pursued this affection through working with organizations such as Breakthrough SF and 826 Valencia as a tutor for underserved middle school students. He has decided to join the RRTC team in order to continue to pursue his goal of promoting the importance of education to youth. Additionally, he aims to give back to his local community through helping  provide the type of education he has been lucky enough to receive. Outside of school he plays varsity soccer and lacrosse, in addition to being a member of the UHS Jazz Ensemble and Advanced Performing Jazz Combo.


Braeden Wong

Head of Grants & Grant Opportunities 

Braeden Wong is a senior at San Francisco University High School. He is an advocate for early childhood education, especially the inclusion of creativity and self-expression to foster a love for learning at a young age. He has previously worked with SummerGATE and FACES SF, collaborating with students of all age ranges, from varying racial, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds. He has decided to work with RRTC to help do his small part in bridging the gap between the vast inequities in the American education system. At his high school, he is a Peer Advisor to a group of 9th graders now 10th graders, acting as a support system while also instructing courses involving health, wellness, and social issues. Braeden also participates in track and field and enjoys ceramic sculpture and pottery.


Ren Zanze

Co-Head of Fundraising

Ren Zanze is a junior at San Francisco University High School. He has been interested in bridging socio-economic gaps since he was a child. This interest started in middle school, where he volunteered with Hamilton Families, a non profit that works with families who are experiencing homelessness. Ren also worked on a research project investigating the potential role of sports in connecting children from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Ren decided to join RRTC because he believes every child should have the resources to read and learn, no matter what, and hopes to continue to connect all different kinds of people through education and reading. Outside of school, Ren plays varsity basketball and runs on the varsity track and field team, and also enjoys playing with his dog at the beach.


Elise Agi

Co-Head of Fundraising

Elise is a junior at San Francisco University High school. She loves to play sports and has been playing volleyball since third grade. I was selected for the training for the pipeline to the USA national team for 5 years and was asked to try out for the youth national team who will be competing in the World Championships this summer Egypt. 

Her dream one is the day is to make it to the Olympics. Elise decided to join RRTC because she has always loved to read and believes that every person should get the opportunity to read and have access to a proper education.

We are fiscally sponsored by San Mateo Medical County Foundation, a 501(c)3.

Contact Info:

(650) 573-2655


222 West 39th Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94403


Reading Round the Clock

Today a Reader.

Tomorrow a Leader.

Reading Round the Clock @2019
Fiscally Sponsored by San Mateo Medical Foundation, a 501(c)3
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